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Highly Recommend!

Learning to Navigate Through My Social-Emotional World is a great tool to help kids identify their feelings and develop emotional intelligence. This journal takes positive and encouraging approach to help children develop greater awareness of self and those around around them. I highly recommend buying this for your loved ones!


I will be the first to admit I started this purchase by wanting to be supportive. It turned into being amazed. It is a great tool and I have shown it to people who have asked me where I got it from. I look forward to using it with current and future clients

Great Book!

Loved this book so much! As a teacher I know the importance of social emotional health especially after all we’ve been through these past several years. My students were enriched by the activities in this book. On a personal level I loved it so much I even ordered several copies for my young nephews!

I wish this book existed when I was a kid!

This book is so brilliant! I purchased a few books to give to some colleagues of mine who have little ones and they are all so excited to start using this journal since all their kids just started school. It's such a great tool to stay in touch with your kids' day to day emotions and allows you to be a proactive parent or teacher if you sense that your child may be experiencing any difficulties emotionally and socially. It also serves as a wonderful bonding experience between adults and children.

So thankful for this amazing resource for my boys!!

This book is absolutely amazing and I am excited for my boys to go through and fill out their own journals so they can learn more about emotional health!! It's filled with super fun activities and tons of easy to process information for kids of all ages! Thank you Ryann for creating this resource for parents and teachers! EVERY kid needs this!!


This is a MUST GET for your kiddos.. or even you! No age is subject to being exempt from learning to heal and communicate with others. Learning to Navigate Through My Social-Emotional World has helped me learn to connect with my inner emotions and communicate better with those around me. I am slowly healing my inner child who did not have access to something like this.

Do your kiddo or kiddos a favor and get them this!

Love It!

Who doesn’t need help navigating through their social-emotional world?! Ryann Mojica has created a beautifully designed and carefully planned out journal that allows the reader to learn, think, create, and reflect along the way. Part 1 of the journal focuses on emotions and asks, “What emotions do I feel inside?” After reading this journal I feel extreme happiness knowing this is just the first chapter in Ryann’s incredible journey as a gifted author!