a book about social & emotional intelligence

A book where kiddos can learn and understand the importance of social and emotional intelligence all while learning about themselves and the world around them.

A self-guided & interactive journal

Throughout this book, there are activity pages where your kiddos can implement what they learn to real world scenarios and coloring pages to make their own.

  • Mood Flowers

    Each day, your kiddo will keep track of their feelings by coloring a flower petal the color that matches the emotions they feel that day. This way they can stop to acknowledge and understand what they are feeling.

  • Weekly Check-Ins

    Once a week, your kiddo will fill out a weekly check-in page where they get to reflect on how their week went, write down a few things that made them happy, and write down things they love about themselves.

  • Coloring pages

    Throughout the book, there are coloring pages for your kiddos to color in and make their own! There are also “Draw your feelings” pages where they can scribble out and release their emotions on a page.

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What’s Inside